• SnickersDoge

    It's a peaceful morning in Club Penguin....or is it? You turn on your TV and flip to the news channel. On the news, you see a reporter in the plaza, reporting breaking news live-
    "Breaking news!" the reporter exclaims. "This morning, the stage janitor entered the stage to find sticky, unknown elements stuck to almost all of the props for the stage plays!"

    You gasp. Who could of done such a thing? You begin to think it was Herbert who did all this, until the reporter continues on with more news.

    "The EP-COUGH COUGH- POLICE are on the scene, but this just in; their isn't any footprints, paw prints, or anything! The E----er, POLICE conclude that the suspect(s) can fly! Or could it just be a normal penguin, barfing everywhere like a crazy buffo…

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  • SnickersDoge

    Celebrate :D

    March 13, 2013 by SnickersDoge

    let's celebrate that our 100th picture has been added to the wiki...I guess.

    Club Penguin (March 13, 2013,TBA time)

    Animal Jam (March 15,2013,time-TBA)

    PetPet Park- (March 16, 2013,time-TBA)

    Want to celebrate on MORE virtual worlds? Suggest them in the comments!


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  • SnickersDoge

    Keroro roleplay

    January 8, 2013 by SnickersDoge

    Anyone can join this roleplay!

    Keron is at the edge of its end. The keroians are trying to survive. Will they make it?Will they die? 

    Fill out this character sheet

    keroian name:






    Bio (optional):

    comment for questions, or if your joining!

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