"Well, this pony are wrotes bad!"
Some attributes
First Kind- dragon pony
Second Gender- female
Third Age- 15
Other attributes
Fourth Accent- British (she also talks in broken english)
Fifth Side- Neutral
Sixth Occupation-Messenger

DragonDust (ドラゴンほこり) or Dusty, is the messenger of the Neutral pony platoon.

Production and developmentEdit

Dragondust is developed to look like a dragon. She is a hybrid between a dragon and pony.


DrangonDust was born in Canterlot, and later moved to the Crystal mountains at the age 10 when her parents died from a terrible illness. The Crystal mountains began to bore Dusty, as they were stark and cold even in summer. At the age of 12, she later began to climb down the mountains and head south to find Los Pegasus, a place her parents called, "their favorite place in Equestria". She found the railroad tracks and began to follow them, hoping they led to Los Pegasus. On her way, she found Ponyville. She later decided to trash the Los Pegasus idea and live in Ponyville.

Theft HistoryEdit

At the age of 11, DragonDust often stole grub from the various shops in Canterlot. After moving to Ponyville, she still steals, but not so often. To this day she still steals, but she is still considered a nice pony to the ponies in Ponyville.

Joining the Neutral Pony PlatoonEdit

DragonDust met Medly during a walk in Ponyville at the age of 13. Medly said shes from Baltimare, and she needs a neutral pony to be her messenger. Dusty suddenly remembers her past of stealing,and how good she was even though she was a thief. So she tells Medly that she thinks she's a good neutral pony. She later joins the Neutral pony platoon.


DragonDust speaks in broken English, sense she never went to school. Her parents only taught her English words but not how they are supposed to be used. Medly is trying to teach her to speak proper english, but it isn't going out so well.