"The flames are going to get you after all...."
Some attributes
First Kind- earth pony
Second Gender- male
Third Age- 19
Other attributes
Fourth Best Friend- DragonDust
Fifth Side- Neutral
Sixth From- Australia

FlareTamer (フレア調教師), or Flare, is the lance corporal of the Neutral Pony Platoon, and is very smart.


Flaretamer was born in Dodge city, and lived there with his parents until age 14. Flare wanted to learn more about the Badlands, so he decided to move to a little village in the Badlands to study the whereabouts,animals,and etc it had. When he turned 16, he decided to head back to Dodge city. He continued to study the Badlands, and continued to live with his parents.

A special giftEdit

Flare has a special gift; he can breath fire. The first time he breathed fire was when being born. His parents named him for his fire breathing power.


He loves to study nature. He has studied the ruins, the Badlands, and the Unicorn Range.