Nightwing (or Night Thunder)
"I don't know why I work for this faceless freak"

(picture credit to anbolanos91 on DeviantART

Some attributes
First Kind- Pegasus
Second Gender- male
Third Occupation- private
Other attributes
Fourth Romance interest- Medly
Fifth Age- 16

Nightwing (ナイトウィング) or Night Thunder (ナイトサンダー), is 1st class private in the Neutral Pony Platoon. He used to work for Slenderpony, but later fled to realize what he was in.


Nightwing was born under the Crystal mountains. At the age of 15, his family was ponynapped by Slenderpony. In order to keep his family alive, he had to work for Slenderpony, by mining for gold to make useless junk. He later saved his family, and began to live under Canterlot.


He seems to love the underground, sense he didn't want to leave under the Crystal mountains. And while working for Slenderpony, he didn't mind going deep into the ground. Also, to this day, he lives under Canterlot, which he really likes. He wants to become a miner when he grows up.

Dating MedlyEdit

After escaping Slenderpony's reach, he became good friends with Medly, formerly Slenderpony's prisoner that he had to watch. At the age 16, he dates Medly. They are a happy couple.


  • It is rumoured that Nightwing used to be one of Princess Luna's guards.
  • It is rumoured that Nightwing used to have a crush on Rarity.
  • Some people say he knew Medly in his childhood.
  • It is hinted that Nightwing is Luna's son.