Steve (or Blue's lost brother)
Blue's lost brother
"What has the world gone to while I was gone?"
Some attributes
First Gender- male
Second Status- alive
Third Friends- Blue,Red,Chloe (girlfriend),
Other attributes
Fourth Enemies- Blue (sometimes since he forgets about him), Earl Grey, Broseph,

Red (sometimes)

Fifth Age- Younger than Blue
Sixth Times dead- unknown

Steve is one of the background protagonists in Dick Figures. He is the lost brother of Blue. Blue forgot about him for as long as he can remember. When Blue and Steve reunited, they didn't know who each other were. It is unknown how they were separated at birth. Steve is often found alone.


Steve appears a darker blue than Blue. He has a black tie on, almost everywhere he goes. After his 3rd appearance he gets a black eye from Red.