It's a peaceful morning in Club Penguin....or is it? You turn on your TV and flip to the news channel. On the news, you see a reporter in the plaza, reporting breaking news live- 640px-Live_report.png "Breaking news!" the reporter exclaims. "This morning, the stage janitor entered the stage to find sticky, unknown elements stuck to almost all of the props for the stage plays!"

You gasp. Who could of done such a thing? You begin to think it was Herbert who did all this, until the reporter continues on with more news.

"The EP-COUGH COUGH- POLICE are on the scene, but this just in; their isn't any footprints, paw prints, or anything! The E----er, POLICE conclude that the suspect(s) can fly! Or could it just be a normal penguin, barfing everywhere like a crazy buffoon? But the element of the sticky barf is unknown-- even Gary the Gadget Guy can't seem to find the element!"

You watch closely, not noticing that you're spilling all your fish oil soup and cereal killer cereal. Behind the reporter you see an EPF agent holding a water balloon. Of course it wasn't full of water. Or the agent wouldn't be holding it so strangely. Besides that agent you see a light green penguin in a dark helmet inspecting a frozen snowball.

Seeing that frozen snowball reminds you of the frost bites you could turn into during the Holiday party 2012. Those snowballs look like the ones the frost bites threw to freeze penguins. You think to yourself as you accidentally elbow the rest of your cereal into your puffle's face. You don't notice what you just did. Your too focused on the TV. You turn off the TV and get ready to head to the plaza. You drink the rest of your fish oil and put your cereal bowl in the sink. You notice that your puffle is covered in cereal, but decide to not clean it up until you get back. Just as you touch the door, your EPF phone rings.

The message is from Dogkid1, your friend. The message reads- "<insert name here>! Head to my igloo, this is URGENT!"- You scratch your head. Maybe she wants to talk about the news. You change your plans and instead of going to the plaza, you go to Dogkid's igloo.

TO BE CONTINUED IN PART 2.............................

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