"Try your hardest and do your best!"
Some attributes
First Kind- alicorn
Second Best friend- his class
Third Occupation- Teacher
Other attributes
Fourth Gender- male
Fifth Age- 31
Sixth Side- heroes

Zach (ザック) or Zachary, is the sergeant of the Neutral Pony Platoon, being the ONLY non-neutral pony to be in the platoon. Zach does not know why he is in the Neutral pony platoon.


Zach was born in an unknown location in Equestria. He says he was born in a town in the middle of the mountains. He also says the town doesn't have a toy store nor anything else besides a Veterinary Clinic. He was born around the animals in the Clinic. He later moved to Appleloosa at the age of 1 month. He grew up there. When he turned 18, he moved out of his parents house and into elsewhere, taking the train tracks where he would get off at elsewhere, being any place he decided to live at.

Finding PonyvilleEdit

Zach found Ponyville, and became a pony that cutted out dead ponies hearts at the age of 20. He became a teacher at the age of 27. He considers all of his students in his class his friends, and he can't stand to leave his students when they have to move on.


Zachary LOVES to climb mountains. He has climbed the Crystal Mountains, Mount Massive, Foal Mountain, and a Badland mountain, which he can't remember the name of it.

Romance interestEdit

According to Zach, he has 5 girlfriends.